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Friday, November 14, 2008

Cardboard Change

The change business gets boringly cerebral at times. As experts, we strategize, advise, and write about change theory and practice -- all to sway the minds of clients, bosses, and friends.

What really matters most to change-agents, however, is changing hearts.

In this YouTube video, a church in central Pennsylvania wanted to let people whose hearts had been changed to share their experiences with the congregation. They could have talked for five minutes from a script or rambled without notes. Instead, all who participated used a recognizable symbol of brokenness on the streets: a rough piece of cardboard with a simple handwritten message on it.

If you find yourself intellectualizing or challenging what you hear and see, watch the video a second time and focus on the ordinariness of the people, on the courage they had to muster to admit weaknesses, and on raw change.


Greg Silsby said...

Wow... powerful, moving, convicting, and exciting. What an incredible message of changed lives.

Sig said...

Wow. I am still weeping. you answered my earlier question about how to reach the social networks through You Tube, thinking that this medium would miss the impact of a speakers presence.

When God is the change agent I should expect more impact than a speaker can give. Such simplicity and beauty.